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Our Rental Coordinator will follow up with you to confirm your request.

For immediate questions, call (507)424-6403 or email

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Note: Record the entire time slot you need the room(s)/facility open and available for your use. Times reserved include any decorating, special setup, and tear down done by the user.
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Room(s) Requested *

See our Rental Guide for room options and details:

If you are unsure which room to reserve, select the "Other" option at the bottom and our Rental Coordinator will suggest one that suits your activity/event.

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Expected Attendance *

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Desired Room Setup

Note: This may be dependent on which room you reserve.

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Do you plan to utilize Audio-Visual capabilities for your event? *

Our Audio-Visual capabilities require an HDMI connection. To display a presentation onto our screens, you will need to have a laptop with an HDMI port or an adapter that allows the laptop to be connected to an HDMI cord. HDMI cords are supplied by 125 LIVE.

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Will food be served at your event? (Yes/No)

Type Yes/No - If yes, please provide details (catered, potluck, coffee and doughnuts - & how many extra tabls will be needed)
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Optional Amenities

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Additional Room Setup Notes (optional)

Reservation Policies
Please read our Reservation Policies by clicking the following link:
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Providing your full name below indicates that you agree to our policies.

Payment *

125 LIVE accepts credit, cash or check.
Please wait for your request to be confirmed before submitting payment. You will receive a Registration Receipt by email once your request has been confirmed.

General Rooms - Full payment is due 7 days prior to the reservation date.
River Rooms - Full payment is due 7 days after the reservation is confirmed. 

Credit - Once you have received your Registration Receipt, please provide credit card information to submit your payment by calling (507) 287-1404.
Cash / Check - Can be dropped off or mailed to 125 LIVE at 125 Elton Hills Drive, Rochester MN 55901.

Please select which form of payment you plan to use:

Damage Deposit

All River Room reservations are required to have some form of damage deposit:
  A. A credit card kept on file
  B. A separate $200 check
Credit cards / checks will only be charged if any damages are incurred.

If you are reserving our River Rooms, you must provide one of the options listed above.

Thank you for your rental request!

You will receive a Reservation Receipt (invoice) by email once your reservation has been confirmed.
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